Gail Selinger

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Pirates of the Carribean Curse of the Black Pearl

Gail supplied all the historical pop-up information in the Blu-Ray version of the popular Disney movie. Gail had to think of a different historical fact every minute to a minute and a half that related to the on scene action. Though it required two grueling 18 hour days that got “a bit silly” at times, she is very proud of the information she provided for the film makers and their viewers.

The Princess Bride - 20th Anniversary Edition

Gail is featured in the special features disc section for the Dread Pirate Roberts and Buttercup Anniversary DVD editions of this cult classic. She reveals stories of real pirates that sailed the Caribbean, along with the classic question of whether The Dread Pirate Roberts was fashioned after a real pirate of the time.

True Caribbean Pirates

Gail is one of the many pirate experts in this History Channel special covering the time of Columbus first setting foot in the Bahamas through the Golden Age of Piracy.

Modern Marvels: Pirate Tech.

Season 13, Episode 21. In this History Channel program, not only did Gail moderate the hour-long episode, but supplied the majority of weaponry from her personal collection.

NPR: Weekend America

Hosted by Barbara Bogaev and Bill Radke, Gail’s two interviews delved not only into the lives of pirates, but their thirst for rum.

All Things Considered...Weekend

The everyday life of pirates vs. media depiction.

Beyond Geek "A Pirates Life For Me."

Season 2, Episode 5. This series explores people who take their interests to an entirely new level. Gail takes the host into the world of pirate re-enactment from sword fighting, and cannon battles to tavern nights and historical gambling games.

America: Fact vs. Fiction: Lost at Sea

Season 2, Episode 3 Gail dispels many of the myths surrounding pirates. Acting in the episode as a pirate, she breaks one of the major myths that women did not cross-dress as a man to sail as a pirate and seek their fortune.

The Michael Graham Show, Boston, MA 96.9 FM

Michael Graham and Gail discussed all things pirate and her book.

WLP Radio, Lexington, KY: Live with Lee

Gail and Lee spoke of a wide range of pirate related subjects, along with plugging Gail’s book.

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