Gail Selinger

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Pirates and More
Home of Pirate Historian Gail Selinger
Pirates and More
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Pirates and More
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Pirates and More
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Pirates and More
Infamous Pirate Captains and Their Ships

Meet Gail Selinger

Author, speaker, technical media consultant and pirate historian.

Gail Selinger is both a consultant and a featured speaker in movies, TV documentaries and radio shows for her historical accuracy and vast knowledge of pirates.

Selinger has spoken on “The Social and Economic Impact of Pirates on World History”, “Pirates: Myths vs. Reality”, “Real Life on the Rolling Sea”, and “Women in Piracy”. Selinger has also taught writing workshops on characterization and research. Her presentations can be modified for any age group.

Selinger’s published non-fiction books are “Pirates of New England: Ruthless Raiders & Rotten Renegades”, and ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pirates”. Her short stories can be found in science fiction and fantasy anthologies. Selinger is currently working on a young adult adventure novel.