Grog Blog

Picking Up Where I Left Off

P2 years ago, I started writing a young adult adventure novel.  Those who read the beginning few chapters were excited at the realism, imagery, and direction of the story. The novel got waylaid by the amazing opportunity I received to write the non-fiction book entitled Pirates of New England: Ruthless Renegades and

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An Interesting Book Explaining a Common Question

Whether I am demonstrating the use of a piratical artifact or presenting a talk at a museum, school, or outdoor fair, I am inevitably asked the same question, “how did pirates go to the bathroom when at sea?”   The answer to that question can be found in an interesting

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First Blog

Greetings Mates, Welcome to my first blog and the year 2019/5779.  I have named this the Grog Blog for two reasons. Firstly, the obvious pirate theme, and secondly and more importantly, I find that friends, old and new, like to sit around with a tankard of any number of different liquid refreshments

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