First Blog

Greetings Mates,

Welcome to my first blog and the year 2019/5779. 

I have named this the Grog Blog for two reasons. Firstly, the obvious pirate theme, and secondly and more importantly, I find that friends, old and new, like to sit around with a tankard of any number of different liquid refreshments and talk about a variety of subjects. 

 I will chat about interesting books I have discovered, the ups and downs of being a writer with a full time job, pirate movies, researching quests, rum, and of course the women and men pirates and privateers themselves. Politics of the 15ththrough 19thCenturies are the only political issues that will be discussed

            I am hopeful that from time to time other friends might chime in here with an interesting tidbit or fact.

            I have no compass point as to when the next blog will be posted. The month of January is very busy. I will post at least once a month, hopefully more, as I love these subjects. 

Fair Winds and Smooth Sailing, Gail

4 Replies to “First Blog”

  1. What a terrific first post (w/ a great title)!

    This is such an attractive website, Gail, and I’m proud to know the person behind it/starring in it! (I didn’t know most of the information about your impressive background!)

    Love the portrait pic of you at the beginning, looking so deceptively benign and un-piratical! Do you wear contacts, btw?

    Whose green bird on your shoulder? (and is it alive, or was it a Monty Python style pirate’s bird?)

    Re the Appearance Gallery question, I followed your directions and saw no image jumping. However, the Modern Marvels stills were all very blurry.

    Thanks for the invite to check it out!

    1. Pat, Thank you for the lovely comments. No I don’t wear contacts. But my wire rimmed eyeglasses, though not “period” can pass at an event.
      Yes, Modern Marvel photos are blurry. My sister, Carol Sue is not the best photographer, but she means well.
      The parrot was quick alive and owned by fellow privateer re-enactors and loved coming to events. Unfortunately passed a number of years ago.
      Keep checking in monthly.
      Fair Winds and Smooth Sailing.

  2. I can’t wait to see more from the Grog blog. This is genuinely the best website I’ve ever seen. If it’s possible to get an RSS feed for this, I’d add it to my RSS manager. Please do if possible. Keep it up Gail!

    1. Thank you once again. I don’t have a RSS manager. But I will be posting another blog soon.
      Fair Winds and Smooth Sailing, Gail

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